Python OMXPlayer

downgrade your omxplayer to version 0.2.7:

with the latest version of the pyomxplayer the downgrade is obsolet
<del>Cause the latest version of the omxplayer shows the time on the screen when pause, one has to downgrade to version 0.2.7.

$ sudo apt-get autoremove omxplayer $ sudo apt-get install libpcre3 fonts-freefont-ttf $ wget $ sudo dpkg -i omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130615~d87aa60a_armhf.deb $ rm omxplayer_0.2.7~git20130615~d87aa60a_armhf.deb


Install the Pyomxplayer:

copy from:


or in the folder with your python programm.

or install the version with alpha layer support:

$ wget
$ tar -xf
$ sudo cp /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

install pexpect:

$ sudo pip install pexpect


>>> import pyomxplayer

if you have the pyomxplayer from github:

>>> omx=pyomxplayer.OMXPlayer('/home/pi/video/example.mp4')

or for the pyomxplayer with alpha layer support:

>>> omx=pyomxplayer.OMXPlayer('/home/pi/video/example.mp4', '100')

than test the funktions

>>> omx.position
>>> print(omx.__dict__)
>>> omx.set_slower()
>>> omx.set_faster()
>>> omx.toggle_pause()
>>> omx.stop()